The dimensions of the chalice are 21.5cm high, 11.0 cm diameter, 36.0 circumference, and 39.5 cm base circumference.

It is decorated with cherubs blowing trumpets, and playing guitars, hence forcing the Wind and Water to flow, a mannered naturalism that can be traced all the way to the ideas of Verrocchio.

This might be one of the first and finest examples of Verrocchio influence on Leonardo.

At the base of the chalice are two maker’s marks; AV for Andrea del Verrocchio, and the other mark for Da Vinci with a date 1478. [photo left] Another “marker's mark” appears to exist on one of the trumpeter's wings.

The chalice is in very good condition; elements of coral remain in the inner bowl and along delicate unfinished portions of the restored relief cleaning.

The chalice, itself, was discovered off the coast of Florida. We have been contacted regarding a bill of lading record which may explain the chalice's port of origin as well as intended destination and historical basis.

The exterior of the chalice has been restored although some residual coral remains.

This website includes a few pages which review the prominent wind and waters concepts found on the chalice and provide general information on Da Vinci's use of these within the design.