In-house research and third-party examinations of the Davinci Chalice continue to further add to the intrigue, validity and - indeed - mystery of this wonderous artifact. In recent years, there have been many popular examinations of "hidden" symbols, mysterious revelations and insights into a variety of DaVinci's works - ranging from suspect identifications of Davinci's initials in the eyes of the Mona Lisa to unexplained reasons of the disappearance of the artist's angel rendering on Verrocchio's "Annunciation" when examined using xray technology (Davinci having been the artist of the angel).

The exact "how and why" of these speculations seldom lead to definitive conclusions, but do commit new insights to perspective and add to historical development and documentaton of the artifacts. We present the following for your individual review and scrutiny.

Most recently, an alluring "LD" in the "trumpeter angel" was found on the Chalice. Located just below the upper-wing, the markings appear to be more intended than incidential - some would call it a "hidden id" or identifying mark. Similar initials of DaVinci during these early years of the artist - throughout the Verrocchio period - would confirm the validity and similarity of the mark itself, as well as explain its presence on the Chalice.

Shown: Highlight of trumpeter-putto with larger view of “LD” under the wing.

Additional information regarding this particular trumpeter-putto and the “seashell motif” under the his wing can be found here.