The staff at Da Vinci Chalice Group are actively involved in is undertaking - a unique challenge to investigate the history of the Chalice.  We are actively involved in a thorough scientific and artistic review of the Chalice. This includes offering the Chalice for exhibition.

The historical importance of the object is monumental. The value certainly priceless. 

We believe that this may be one of the most important discoveries in the works of da Vinci since the Renaissance. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Lost Chalice. 

The Da Vinci Group wants to offer the Chalice to the market place.  We are interested in marketing concepts and working with businesses and institutions worldwide. 

The Da Vinci Chalice Group is expanding in new directions with unique projects ranging from Fine Art, Sculpture, Special Collections, including  Books-Manuscripts and Music and Theater.  We are actively looking for that special project of your's to work on.