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The Davinci Chalice Group

Da Vinci Chalice Group
Discovers Important Spanish Grande Zarzuelas Operas
The Group seeks talented musicians to collaborate on presentation of rare lost gems of the musical-opera world.


MIAMI/EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 8, 2007 – The Da Vinci Chalice Group announces discovery of an Important Spanish Zarzuela opera by Manuel Penella, titled El Amor Ciego. An internationally recognized Valencia, Spanish composer, the maestro's works have been performed all over the world, sung by leading opera stars such as Placido Domingo, who performed the very successful Zarzuela, El Goto Monte's. A wonderfully exciting original Grande Zarzuela. El Amor Ciego and El goto Monte's are equally impressive works with like kind themes, heroic subject matter, and music and vocals to match. These two works by Penella will be recorded as his best musical creations.

El Zarzuela entertainment traditionally runs a gambit of theatrical material - from classical opera to low slapstick and popular song and dance. Tradition has it the Zarzuela music genre birth took place in 1657 at the Royal Palace of El Pardo, King Philp IV of Spain. The music and theatrical works since then have become a major force in the cultural identity of the Spanish peoples all over the world. Their love of theater, music, dance, humor and drama is praised worldwide. Today, Zarzuela is even more popular; the works are being performed and loved in Asia, Russia, North and South American, Australia and throughout all Europe.

The Da Vinci Chalice Group is seeking a uniquely talented musical composer with experience in Zarzuela music orchestration to assist with the music and performance of an opera, which already has future commitments. This is an exciting opportunity for a composer to work on this prestigious project.

The Group also has an additional, internationally important Zarzuela by three master Spanish composers, and assistance in the music composition on this work is also needed.

To make the El Amor Ciego a huge success, the right person will have stylistic knowledge of the genre, its spoken and musical language, along with knowledge of Spanish customs and a love for the material.

Da Vinci Chalice Group has the original manuscript with music for a important early Spanish Zarzuela, titled EL Tunel by Enrique Prieto Y. Romon Rocabert musical Del Maestro Artouro Saco Del Valle.

Those interested in working on these music projects are invited to direct a resume by e-mail to the Group:



Steven Holzweig
21218 Saint andrews blvd
Unit 139
Boca Raton, FL 33433
PHONE. 561-797-3029

Da Vinci Chalice Group Discovers Important Spanish Grande Zarzuelas Operas
10.08.07 Eworldwire Press Release, N.J.
Keywords: Manuel Penella, El AmorCiego, Blind Love, Zarzuelas, El Tunel, Placido Domingo
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