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Da Vinci Chalice Group discovers Henri Matisse painting
The Da Vinci Chalice Group announces the discovery of Madame Matisse painting by Henri Matisse, Titled "Green Lines" C. 1907. This is the 100 year anniversary 1907-2007 of the art work.


GARDEN CITY NY/ 10, 2007 – Da Vinci Chalice Group announces the discovery of Madame Matisse by Henri Matisse the color master.

Madame Matisse: In a partially nude portrait, sitting in a pensive pose, her left hand resting on the check, a supporting elbow on her knee, her right arm is hanging along her right leg. Her legs are open wide yet covered. Her head is gracefully tilted, she is looking downward. Madame’s long hair is swirled up on top of her head. To the left of her is a large flower vase with irises. Madame is painted in warm green colors, hence the title Green Lines.

The Group, working additionally with outside experts for over 5 years, has investigated this important fauves artwork. However, thanks to an overlooked photograph taken by Varian Fry, The American Shindler, of Matisse in his studio in south France in C. 1940-01 Regina at Cimiez, it provided the key to unlock the discovery. The prototype, drawing of Green Lines was found. The proof that the two works are directly linked, there is no question that they are a related.

We spent 5 yrs looking for related drawings and paintings, throughout his documented works, we located many nudes, including his wife, works with the correct color pallet, and applications. This “work” eluded everyone. Then finally, the artwork is "right in front of us." A Photograph was reproduced in three popular published books On Matisse, A. H. Barr (page 30) and L. Aragron (page 31) and John Elderfield (page110).

We have sent request to the leading French Institutions for help in locating the "missing drawing" in the photo. To find that drawing, it is hanging on the studio wall, look in the upper most left hand wall of the photo, a few palm leaves cover some of it, the out line is clear.

The Matisse painting size is 16” X 21”, painted on period hard board. The work is painted in an oil paint.

The paint has been thinned out and applied with a quick brush strokes. The Painting most closely relates in style to Matisse's watercolors than to his oil paintings. Matisse masterly handles this technique and it is equal to any Paul Cezanne work. This work appears to have been painted in one quick setting with no underlining drawing. The work is precise and accurate. Perhaps Matisse was so comfortable with Madame; the inspired work just flowed out on the canvas. The artist brush strokes just seem to move the colored pigments in to place as if the work was formed from the inside out. The painting was painted in a flat, composition style with bright expressive colors.

Matisse stated, “I dream of Art in Balance, purity and calm, with out troubling or depressing themes, that will offer a smoothing influence”. This is a fine example of that his statement.

The artwork is signed in the upper left corner HM 7. The overall condition is very good. The painting with proper conservation practices will be back to its original condition.

We look forward to any assistance that others might offer on this work, and any other project that we a actively working on. Visit the web site for more info at

Email: davincechalice@gmail


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Da Vinci Chalice Group Discovers Henri Matisse Painting
11.10.07 New-Antiques Press, N.Y.
Keywords: Henri Matisse, Regina at Cimiez, Green Lines, A.H. Barr, L. Aragron, John Elderfield, fauves artwork